My Adventures With Superman Intro Features Heavy Anime Inspiration

My Adventures With Superman Intro Features Heavy Anime Inspiration

Adult Swim has released the intro to its upcoming DC series, My Adventures With Superman, teasing the opening theme ahead of its premiere on July 6, 2023.

The opening features an intro reminiscent of anime the series is inspired by. In it, a young Clark Kent transforms into the older man fans know and love. He turns into Superman, before quickly flying over the city of Metropolis.

Check out the My Adventures With Superman opening intro below:

What is My Adventures With Superman about?

“The story follows Clark as he builds his secret identity as Superman and explores his own mysterious origins,” reads the series’ synopsis. “Lois, on her way to becoming a star reporter, teams up with photographer Jimmy Olsen to break the stories that matter. All the while, Clark and Lois are falling in love … as Lois gets closer and closer to uncovering his secret identity! Our trio share adventures, take down bad guys, stumble over secrets, and discover what it means to be heroes in their own right.”

My Adventures with Superman is executive produced by Sam Register, Jake Wyatt, and Brendan Clogher, with Josie Campbell set as a producer. It stars Jack Quaid as Clark Kent/Superman, Alice Lee as Lois Lane, and Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy Olsen.