Netflix’s Gamera: Rebirth Anime Gets a Teaser

Master Splinter doesn’t have a monopoly on mutant turtles in pop culture. Gamera, the second most-franchisable city-stomping reptile from Japan, has quite the resume. And he’ll soon be returning in a Netflix miniseries. While Netflix has pointedly tried to redefine the term “anime” to refer to a particular style, this one is actually Japanese. and subtitled. The six-part series will showcase Gamera squaring off against five other kaiju. The first teaser for Gamera: Rebirth gives us a look, as well as the hint of the origin of either Gamera or one of the other monsters.

Word is this Gamera will be more of a general protector of mankind than a specific friend to children. However, there definitely will be some youngsters looking on, and possibly becoming friends to Gamera.

Take a look right here:

The teaser doesn’t give a date more specific than 2023, so at an educated guess, that probably means fall. Which feels appropriate, since every time Gamera’s around, a lot of things fall. Buildings, other kaiju…you name it.

What do you think of this first look at Gamera: Rebirth? Is this the right way to bring back the gigantic snapping turtle? Which creature should he fight next? Let us know your opinions in comments below.

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