Andor Season 1 Episode 11 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Andor season 1 episode 11!

By this time next week, almost every major character on this show will be back on Ferrix for the season finale of Andor. And hopefully the show will close out season 1 on a high note. But first, it’s time to recap the penultimate episode of the season, and we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it! This post is a place for all of you to leave your own reviews, thoughts, or anything else you want to say about Andor season 1 episode 11.

On Narkina 5, Cassian Andor and Ruescott Melshi barely avoid the Imperial patrols looking for escaped prisoners. They spot a pair of Narkinians in the wild and try to steal their ship. The Narkinians laugh at their attempt and easily trap Cassian and Melshi in nets. However, the Narkinians are no fans of the Empire, and they soon release the two men. They even agree to drop them off on Niamos, the resort where Cassian was arrested in episode 7.

Back home on Ferrix, Cassian’s adoptive mother, Maarva, dies off-screen. Her droid, B2EMO (Bee), is emotionally devastated by her death, even though he theoretically shouldn’t have this depth of emotion. Cassian’s friend, Brasso, is so moved by Bee’s devotion to Maarva that he agrees to stay with Bee for the night. Meanwhile, the Rebel operative Cinta, and the Imperial agents led by Dedra Meero realize that Maarva’s funeral could be used to draw Cassian out of hiding.

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After presumably hearing from Cinta, Vel Sartha brazenly visits Luthen Rael’s shop on Coruscant and demands to speak with him. Regardless, Luthen’s associate, Kleya Marki, is the only one there. And she’s visibly angry about Vel breaking protocol. But Kleya agrees to pass on the message about Cassian’s mother. Back on Ferrix, Bix Caleen is still traumatized by her Imperial torture. And now the Empire wants to know if Anto Kreegyr is her mysterious buyer “Axis.”

Shortly thereafter, Vel visits her cousin, Mon Mothma, who confesses that she used her personal fortune to help fund the Rebels. However, an Imperial audit will connect her to that illicit activity if those funds aren’t replaced. That’s why Mothma appears to be softening on the prospect of letting her daughter, Leida, enter an arranged marriage with the son of crooked banker, Davo Skuldun, who could make Mothma’s money problems disappear.

Meanwhile, Syril Karn is tipped off that Cassian may resurface on Ferrix. So he steals money from his mother and sneaks out after she leaves. On Segra Milo, Luthen visits Saw Gerrera, who has suddenly decided that he wants in on Kreegyr’s attack on the Empire. This forces Luthen to reveal that Kreegyr is going into a trap. And he can’t warn Kreegyr without giving away his Imperial source. This causes Saw to distrust Luthen, but they eventually reach an understanding.

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On his ship, Luthen is questioned by an Imperial Arrestor Cruiser that attempts to board his vessel. In response, Luthen deploys successful countermeasures that destroy the ship’s tractor beam. Luthen even manages to take out a few TIE Fighters before fleeing into hyperspace. Meanwhile on Niamos, Cassian recovers his hidden money and the late Cassian Nemik’s Rebel manifesto. Cassian also calls Brasso to leave a message for his mother, only to learn that she has passed.

Afterwards, Cassian pretends that nothing is wrong when he speaks with Melshi. They privately worry that they may have been the only prisoners to escape from Narkina 5. Melshi suggests that they split up and spread the word about the Empire’s crimes. However, Cassian is only contemplating a trip home to say goodbye to his late mother.

We still want to know what you think. So make sure to leave your reviews for Andor season 1 episode 11 in the comment section below!

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