Andor Season 1 Episode 10 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Andor season 1 episode 10!

This week’s installment of Andor might be the best episode of TV that I’ve seen all year. Of course, Star Wars fans have been understandably antsy when it comes to the show’s slow pace. However, Andor‘s dramatic crescendos have been great. And there were particularly strong performances this week from Andy Serkis and Stellan Skarsgård which elevated the story to another level.

Now that this week’s episode is out, we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it! This post is a place for all of you to leave your own reviews, thoughts, or anything else you want to say about Andor season 1 episode 10.

In the aftermath of learning that there will never be any release from this prison, Cassian Andor convinces Kino Loy that they have to escape immediately. If the Imperials are allowed the time to call for reinforcements then their odds will dramatically decrease. Cassian also forces Kino to back up his assertion that the Empire massacred 100 men to protect the secret that no one gets out alive. This gets everyone on Kino’s floor shift to follow their lead.

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Meanwhile on Coruscant, Imperial agent Dedra Meero is praised for her plan to lure a rebel cell into a trap. However, she is undermined when another officer, Lonni Jung, suggests that the Empire pretend to be interested in the damaged ship and murdered pilot in order to further the illusion that his death was an accident. It’s a good suggestion, but it infuriates Dedra when Lonni’s idea is accepted by her superior.

Also on Coruscant, Mon Mothma finally gets her meeting with Davo Sculdun, a fellow Chandrillan. However, Davo doesn’t hide the fact that his activities are criminal. He even offers to fund Mothma’s “charity” for free, if she allows his son to meet her daughter for a potential marriage pact. Mothma’s family already hates her, but Davo is convinced that she’s at least considering the offer.

Back on Narkina 5, Cassian and the rest of the prisoners pretend to be “on program” for their next shift. Before a new prisoner is added to Kino’s floor shift, Cassian floods the restroom in an attempt to disable the electrified floor. On Kino’s signal, the floor shift attacks the guards on duty. Several prisoners are shot and killed, but the vast majority manage to overpower the guards.

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Cassian and Kino make their way to the prison’s control center and quickly seize control. Then, Cassian convinces Kino to give an impassioned speech over the intercom to the prisoners on the other levels. Kino successfully convinces the prisoners that there is only “one way out,” and that’s what they chant as they overthrow their oppressors. Regardless, Kino’s moment of personal heroism strikes a tragic note when their only escape route is to jump in the ocean. Kino hesitates because he can’t swim, and Cassian is dragged over the edge before he can help his ally.

Elsewhere, Luthen Rael meets with his most secret asset: Lonni. Unfortunately for Lonni, he’s a reluctant recruit at best and Luthen refuses to let him escape from their arrangement. Luthen even goes so far as to tell Lonni that he would rather sacrifice the rebel cell threatened by the Imperials than reveal he has a source in the ISB. Luthen also delivers a powerful statement about what he has sacrificed for the cause.

The last image of the episode catches up with Cassian and one of his fellow prisoners, Melshi, as they reach land and look for a way off the planet.

We still want to know what you think. So make sure to leave your reviews for Andor season 1 episode 10 in the comment section below!

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