Prime Video Fallout Promo Discusses the Show’s Fealty to Source

We still don’t know when exactly Prime Video‘s Fallout series, based on the popular video game franchise, will premiere. But when it does, we should expect great fealty to source. That, at least, is what a new Fallout promo wants us to think, and several of the folks involved with the game and series show up to make the case.

Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda, sounds excited. “For ten years plus we said no,” he says, about various movie offers over the years. “It just wasn’t the right fit.”

Tim Cain, of the game series, adds that he’s excited to see something he helped make become a franchise. But it’s art director Istvan Pely who inspires the most hope, saying, “I’ve actually been blown away by how much they’ve stuck with our original visions and designs on the visual side…It’s reassuring that we got it right the first time.”

While head writer Jonathan Nolan plays dumb, a familiar hand and beverage suggest he knows what he’s doing as regards the look of the show. Taking place after a nuclear war ravaged a retro-’50s-looking sci-fi future Earth, Fallout follows the survivors who emerge from Vaults to journey across a treacherous landscape.

Do you think the creators of HBO’s Westworld will make a good fit for Fallout? Let us know in comments!

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