New She-Hulk Promo Leans Into a Law & Order Parody

Jennifer Walters will be the first to tell you that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a “lawyer show.” That’s because much like her comic book counterpart, Jen gets to break the fourth wall in her upcoming Disney+ series. And while there will be superhero action, this is also the most intentionally comedic Marvel show to date. To further illustrate that, the new She-Hulk promo somewhat shamelessly parodies the most famous lawyer show of them all: Law & Order.

The opening narration in the video below should sound familiar to anyone who has ever watched an episode of Law & Order. The iconic Law & Order “dun-dun” probably wasn’t used because of copyright issues. But it was even funnier to hear the narrator’s voice attempt to imitate it. The rest of the video is largely a preview of the upcoming season with a few behind-the-scenes sound bites from the cast and writers of the show.

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The beginning of the video actually confirms one other piece of Jen’s history. When she’s standing by the door saying “lawyer show,” the sign reads “Jennifer Walters, Deputy District Attorney.” That tracks with her comic book history before Jen signed on to some high profile law firms. Previous trailers have suggested that Jen was hired to leave the D.A.’s office because her identity as She-Hulk isn’t a secret. She’s going to be the face of her new firm’s superhuman law division.

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s another promo that you can watch below. This one doesn’t have much in the way of new footage, but it does sell the idea that Jen has become a trouble magnet. Regardless of her own desires, Jennifer will always have something weird or strange to deal with.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premieres on Thursday, August 18 on Disney+.

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