Two Walking Dead Trailers Tease Endings and New Beginnings

The Walking Dead has been a fixture on TV for 11 seasons now. And in the new Comic-Con trailer for the final episodes, it wants you to know it. Kicking off with a montage of nearly every major character along the way, the trailer aims to hit current viewers in the feelings, and possibly win back viewers who’ve bowed out along the way. Because it’s teasing the big, inevitable Commonwealth civil war. Eugene finally evolves into a hero, Negan unleashes his old villain persona, and Judith calls upon the values of her parents. Then, at the end…is that a real tease of something new? Or a red herring?

See what you think, via the player below:

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Up next, we have a trailer for the new show Tales of The Walking Dead. This anthology series tells six stories, including an origin for Alpha and Lydia. We also get Terry Crews as a badass survivalist, Parker Posey as a zombie apocalypse denier, and Anthony Edwards doing…something.

Tales of the Walking Dead premieres first, on Aug 16. The Walking Dead returns Oct 2.

What do you think of these two new trailers? Will you watch both shows? Let us know in comments.

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