Take a Brief In-Universe Tour of The Boys’ American Hero Mansion

A major part of The Boys season 3 is the in-universe reality show American Hero. It’s a competition series to determine who gets to be the next member of the Seven…and it could be the set-up for the upcoming college-based spinoff. Like every reality show, however, it’s not entirely the unvarnished truth.

In a new video from Vought, company spokesperson Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie) takes viewers on a tour of the mansion made for the cameras. It’s a rare case of seeing Barrett in her friendly, audience-facing persona. As opposed to the cutthroat, insecure PR obsessive behind the scenes that viewers of The Boys know all too well.

Take a look at her mini guided tour below:

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Here’s Vought’s official description of the series. Like everything else from Vought, it’s probably best taken with a grain of salt. A few million grains, even.

Tonight at 9/8C on Vought+, it’s the season finale of #AmericanHero! Three contestants remain, but only TWO will join #TheSeven! Will Starlight choose her old flame Supersonic? Or will someone else be moving into the Seven Tower? Tune in tonight for the SHOCKING final episode, brought to you by Lean Lady Frozen Dinners by Vought: Where slim tastes super!”

New episodes of The Boys season 3 drop Fridays on Prime Video. What do you think of the new season thus far? Let us know in comments.

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