The Boys’ Dawn of the Seven Gets Its Own Snyder Cut-Style Revision

In our world, Zack Snyder‘s personal tragedy and studio tinkering derailed Justice League, forcing a rushed, compromised edit into theaters. In the world of The Boys, Dawn of the Seven director Adam Bourke seemed pretty compromised from the getgo. As happens when the star is an ominpotent fascist like Homelander. But when one of the other main heroes gets exposed as a literal Nazi and then killed, what’s a fictional movie studio to do? Apparently, some heavy tinkering, and a faux-grassroots movement to #ReleaseTheBourkeCut, which now accounts for Stormfront’s villainy.

Bourke’s style feels like the perfect fusion of Zack Snyder and Avengers-era Joss Whedon. But it’s not like he gets to make many major decisions himself. Regardless, check out the trailer for “his” version.

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While the celebrities in The Boys‘ universe aren’t the same as in ours, Bourke’s vision recently received maybe the best multiversal endorsement it could have:

There’s a lot going on in the meta-joke. Snyder critics dislike the way his versions of superheroes seem to justify more violence onscreen than on the page. Conversely, the Seven behave more violently in their real lives than their movie images. In both cases, the “studio cut” sanitized its characters, but to very different ends.

Come June 3 and The Boys season 3 premiere, we’ll see how Bourke’s vision factors into the plot.

What do you think of The Boys‘ own “Snyder Cut”? Let us know in comments.

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