Murray, Joyce, and Hopper Get Stranger Things 4 Posters

It didn’t come as too much of a surprise that Eleven got the first in a new series of Stranger Things 4 posters. But it looks like from here, they may see release in thematic groups. Today, the Eagle’s Nest have landed. It’s Murray, Joyce, and Hopper, who will probably spend much of the new season in Russia, in the sort of hare-brained “heroes against the entire Soviet army” scheme that only characters in an ’80s movie could pull off.

Unlike Barb in season 1, Hopper’s “death” always seemed premature and resurrection certain. Now he’s in Siberia, and somehow, some way, Joyce and Murray look to cross what was then the Iron Curtain. They seem far less well equipped than Black Widow and Yelena to break David Harbour out of Russian prison, but it’s bound to lead to something entertaining.

The “bald eagle” himself, Murray, looks more intense than ever. With his grasp of Russian, and newly forged loyalty to Joyce and Hopper, he might be the only hope they have. Investigative journalists could also still be movie heroes in the ’80s.

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Will Joyce and Hopper be a thing those season? Well, one of the first rules of romantic comedy is to keep the protagonists apart as long as possible. Throw every obstacle in their way. And while Soviet prison’s a pretty big one, it probably won’t be the last, with more creatures from the Upside Down hanging around.

What do you expect from this trio? Let us know in comments!

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