AMC Defends Norman Reedus After Melissa McBride’s Walking Dead Exit

Earlier this week, AMC announced that Melissa McBride was stepping away from The Walking Dead‘s upcoming spinoff centered on her character, Carol Peletier, and Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon. The news was a surprise, especially since AMC has been developing the show for at least a year and a half. But even more shocking was the reaction from several Walking Dead fans. Many viewers somehow got the idea that Reedus was to blame for departure. Now, AMC is hoping to clear the air with a brand new statement.

When AMC made its initial announcement, the network revealed that the upcoming spinoff will film in Europe. Unfortunately, McBride found it “logistically untenable” to move there at this time. Some fans then assumed that it was Reedus’ idea to move the show overseas and immediately began attacking him online. But AMC insists that Reedus is undeserving of any backlash. You can read their full statement below.

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AMC execs aren’t the only ones who came to Reedus’ defense today. His TWD co-star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also issued a more blunt response to any “toxic” fans who accused Reedus of any wrongdoing. Morgan is also set to reprise his role as Negan in another Walking Dead spinoff, Isle of the Dead, which finds him and Lauren Cohan’s Maggie exploring a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

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