Bodies Explode Real Good in The Boys Season 3 Red-Band Trailer

Well, The Boys season 3 red-band trailer does not disappoint. Unless, somehow, anyone expected the show to tone things down. We see lots of exploding bodies, some bumping and grinding, and tense closeups of faces and knuckles. Plus, is that The Deep actually doing the thing Peacemaker accused Aquaman of? Indirectly? Looks like there’s even a song-and-dance number or two. And of course the big appearance of Soldier Boy. All to the tune of Imagine Dragons’ new song, “Bones.”

Check it out in the player below:

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And what about Butcher seemingly becoming a Supe himself? Will that pose an existential crisis? Or, perhaps, is it simply a fake-out; maybe a dream sequence? Whatever the case, Karl Urban with laser eyes should be worth the wait. And if he’s powered up, what about the rest of the Boys?

There’s also a fun in-joke to Jensen Ackles playing Soldier Boy. Marvel originally considered him for the role of Captain America, and later Hawkeye. He kept his commitment to Supernatural, but now he gets to play the messed-up version instead.

The Boys season 3 debuts on Prime Video beginning June 3. What did you think of this glimpse into the next batch of episodes? Let us know in comments.

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