Oscar Isaac Describes Moon Knight as a Character Study

Anticipation for Moon Knight is at an all-time high following the release of last month’s teaser trailer and Sunday’s Super Bowl spot. But now we have another reason to get excited for Marc Spector’s live-action debut. According to Oscar Isaac, fans will see shades of Marvel’s first Iron Man movie when the series hits Disney+ in a few weeks.

Isaac shared more of what drew him to Moon Knight while speaking with Empire magazine for a new cover story. It sounds like he was ready to take a break from franchise filmmaking after finishing work on the Star Wars sequel trilogy, as well as his frustrating experience on X-Men: Apocalypse. However, Marvel’s approach to the source material convinced him to change his mind, especially since it hearkens back to old-school MCU in the best possible way.

“Often on these big movies it can feel like you’re building the plane on the runway,” said Isaac. “The idea of getting back to ‘handmade’ films, character studies… I was desperate for that feeling.”

“It’s the first legitimate Marvel character-study since Iron Man,” added Isaac. “I thought, ‘Maybe I can hijack this thing. Maybe this is the chance to do something really f***ing nutty on a major stage.'”

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Isaac isn’t the first actor to compare Marvel Studios releases to indie films. Regardless, his character’s battles with dissociative identity disorder make him unlike anything the MCU has seen before. And bringing these to life required a great deal of discipline.

“What I love most about this thing is that it’s an exploration of a mind that doesn’t know itself,” explained Isaac. “I found that really moving: what the mind is capable of as far as survival. But the workload was massive: the technical challenge of embodying these different characters, physically, the way I manifest my body… It required a lot of energy.”

Moon Knight will premiere on Disney+ on March 30.

Are you excited to dive into Marc Spector’s psyche next month? Let us know in the comments down below!

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