Thundercat Is Loose in the Latest The Book of Boba Fett Artwork

No, Star Wars didn’t suddenly cross over with another favorite toy line from the ’80s. Rather, The Book of Boba Fett last week employed an actor whose actual professional name is Thundercat. Born Stephen Lee Bruner, he’s better known as a musician. Gaining prominence as a bass player for Suicidal Tendencies, he’s a Grammy winner for collaborating with Kendrick Lamar. And it’s safe to say that even viewers who may not have familiarity with the music caught the vibe that the actor playing the Mod Doctor was somebody famous.

As yet unnamed, the good cybernetic Doctor features prominently in this week’s official Book of Boba Fett artwork drop with his own character poster. In addition, concept art by Ryan Church revealed today hews very close to the final look of the last episode. In it, we get to see just exactly why Slave I is classified as a “Firespray” vehicle, both in action against the Nikto gang and in its results against the Sarlacc. Sunstroke apparently made Boba forget he still had his armor on when he busted out of that one.

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Typically, The Book of Boba Fett character posters showcase folks who aren’t done showing up in Fett’s life yet. Characters like Garsa Fwip, Black Krrsantan, and the new Rancor trainer previously had the honors. Might be safe to assume we’re not done with the Mod Doctor yet. He upgraded Fennec Shand with robot guts; by the time the show’s over, he may have to do some life-saving adjustments to Boba Fett as well. (That would be awfully similar to Picard season 1 if so, but hey, great minds…)

Check out the poster and concept art in the gallery below. What do you think will happen this week? Let us know in comments!

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