Peacemaker Episode 4 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Peacemaker episode 4!

The butterflies are aliens. But whether they’re really the bad guys remains to be seen. The fourth episode of Peacemaker has premiered on HBO Max, and we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it! This post is a place for all of you to leave your own reviews, thoughts, or anything else you want to say about Peacemaker episode 4.

Following the assassination of Senator Goff and his butterfly-infected family, Team Peacemaker regroups and keeps the wounded Judomaster as their captive. Clemson Murn speaks with Peacemaker/Chris Smith about the way he froze when it came time to kill Goff’s children. Regardless of his previous worldview, Chris tells Murn that he won’t kill kids just because he’s told to. Shortly after, Vigilante/Adrian Pierce expresses his anger that Chris let Goff torture him. While the pair retrieve Peacemaker helmets from the home of Auggie Smith, Chris learns that his father is in prison because John Economos framed him for Peacemaker’s crime.

After Chris angrily confronts Murn over the phone, Leota Adebayo is dispatched to keep Peacemaker from visiting his dad. When Adebayo is unsuccessful, she easily convinces Adrian that Auggie should die so that Chris can be happy. That’s why Adrian allows himself to be arrested in the same facility after provoking the prison guards outside. Inside the prison, Auggie berates his son and threatens to expose Team Peacemaker’s activities. Auggie even tells Chris that he should have slit his throat as a kid. Back at their makeshift headquarters, Judomaster escapes and attacks John. Chris and Adebayo arrive soon after, and Peacemaker gets his rematch with Judomaster.

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However, Adebayo shoots Judomaster before he can reveal why the butterflies aren’t what Peacemaker thinks they are. Adebayo is also visibly distraught that she may have killed someone, even when Judomaster survives his wound and is recaptured.

Murn is furious when Adebayo lets it slip that she made Adrian believe that he should kill Auggie. Regardless, they aren’t in time to prevent Adrian’s attempt on Auggie’s life. However, only Auggie’s goons are injured in the skirmish, as the old man is too smart to be provoked. Unfortunately, Adrian reveals his connection to Peacemaker, which further galvanizes Auggie to sell out his son.

Chris privately approaches Emilia Harcourt for information about his file, and she reveals that the government knows about his involvement with the death of his brother. Later, Harcourt picks up Adrian from prison, and he openly admits that he made things worse. Back in his trailer, Chris gets high and revisits some bad memories with his family. Meanwhile, Adebayo finds a lead on the butterflies and alerts Murn. But the only the audience gets to see that Murn is also a butterfly. In episode 2, Harcourt mentioned that Murn alerted them about the butterflies in the first place. And that was either their plan all along, or Murn has his own agenda.

Peacemaker episode 5 will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, January 27.

We still want to know what you think. So make sure to leave your reviews for Peacemaker episode 4 in the comment section below!

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