ILM Celebrates WandaVision’s Anniversary With Compositing FX Reel

It seems at once like yesterday and yet an eternity ago. Pandemic lockdowns made 2021 feel very same-y, but when you think of it as five Marvel shows ago, that’s a measure of time we can relate to. A year ago today, Disney+ welcomed us to Westview for WandaVision. Initially a quirky send-up of sitcoms over the decades, it pivoted to a darker parable about coping with grief and moving on from tragedy. And it also offered the first hints of a canonical Multiverse. To celebrate, ILM just released a compositing FX Reel.

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At this point, a year later, we assume SPOILER warnings are moot. But the reel showcases the many parts that go into Wanda and Vision’s final scene together. From the tracking dots on Paul Bettany’s face to the CG wireframe models of the energy disintegrating him, it all comes together with layers of red magic. Take a look below:

We miss the show, but that’s just love persevering, after all. And while Wanda had to leave Westview, WandaVision‘s still right there on Disney+, ready for a revisit. Which we’ll surely all make once the Agatha spin-off gets going.

What did you think of the compositing FX reel? Let us know in comments!

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