The Boys Season 3 Teaser Promises “Payback” In June

Is there a superhero actor who gets more out of his creepy smile than Antony Starr? As The Boys‘ Homelander, Starr gets to play a truly demented character who passes himself off as a Superman-like hero. But Homelander’s façade is clearly slipping away in the first teaser for The Boys season 3. In Amazon Prime’s first look at the new season, Homelander and Starlight take some promotional photos for the Seven. However, Homelander isn’t as convincing as he used to be, and even the team’s handler is unnerved by his smile. Boys season 3 teaser.

The tweet from the The Boys‘ official account reveals that season 3 begins on June 3. It also promises that “payback” is coming. And after last season, Homelander is looking for revenge. And when the show promises exploding heads, that’s not a metaphor.

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Regardless of Homelander’s power, he isn’t the one behind the exploding heads. The season 2 finale revealed that Congresswoman Victoria “Vic” Neuman is the “supe” assassin. And she’s got Hughie on her campaign staff in season 3. If he finds out the truth about her, then Hughie’s life is definitely in danger. And not even Starlight can save him from a killer who can strike without touching her victims.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Boys season 3? Share your predictions for the upcoming season in the comment section below!

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