Eleven Kicks It in California in the Latest Stranger Things 4 Teaser

With her surrogate dad Sheriff Hopper now Siberian, presumed dead, Stranger Things 4‘s Eleven no longer resides in Hawkins, Indiana. As the fourth season picks up, she’s now out on the west coast. And even though this is still the mid-’80s (we think), her fashion sense appears to be predicting the grunge era that will show up in a few years. That, presumably, is how psychic powers can mess with you. But as idyllic as California seemed back then — and looks now, to her — she maintains what might be called an Indiana jones. Because she can’t wait to see boyfriend Mike there on spring break.

Hawkins, as usual, has other plans. Check out the video below for a small taste of them:

Clearly the Duffer brothers intend to evoke major Poltergeist/E.T./Spielberg vibes here.

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Once Eleven returns to Hawkins, she — and viewers — may have an easier time getting around. Artist Kyle Lambert created the first official map of the town. It’s not exactly in-scale, but more one of those pictorial renderings typically sold as tourist posters. Not that anyone would expect Hawkins to actually advertise this way:

The correct answer to the question above? Out of town. Thankfully, the characters ignore such advice, or there’d be no show.

What do you expect from Stranger Things 4? Let us know in comments.

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