Warner Bros. Defends Dougray Scott Against Ruby Rose’s Latest Batwoman Claims

The drama surrounding Ruby Rose’s recent Batwoman allegations continues. Although Warner Bros. Television already released a statement denying Rose’s initial claims of onset misconduct, she took to social media over the weekend to level more allegations against the studio and her former co-star, Dougray Scott. Now, WBTV has given its latest rebuttal in a new statement found via Deadline.

Last week, Rose alleged “Dougray hurt a female stunt double,” before adding “he yelled like a little bitch at women and was a nightmare. He left when he wanted and arrived when he wanted. He abused women and in turn as a lead of a show I sent an email out asking for a no yelling policy, they declined.” Scott eventually issued his own statement dismissing Rose’s accusations as made up. But over the weekend, Rose claimed to have “too many witnesses coming forward” with their own accounts of his misdeeds. She also alleged that Scott was suing her for $10 million with help from executive producer Greg Berlanti’s lawyer. This prompted Warner Bros. to come to Scott’s defense:

“We condemn the comments made by Ruby Rose about Dougray Scott,” said the studio. “Warner Bros. has found Mr. Scott to be a consummate professional, and never received any allegation against him of bullying, or of abusive behavior on his part. Mr. Scott was greatly respected and admired by his colleagues, and was a leader on the set. Warner Bros. Television did not pick up Ruby Rose’s option for an additional season because of multiple complaints about workplace behavior that were extensively reviewed by the studio.”

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The studio’s account of Rose’s removal from the series was previously bolstered by Batwoman co-star Camrus Johnson, whom Rose labeled an “egomaniac kid” in her original posts. Additionally, Alexander J. Baxter, who worked as a production assistant on the show’s first season, offered his own two cents in a statement provided to CBR last week. As Baxter tells it, Rose “was a dictator to work for” during her year-long stint as the series’ headliner. He specifically accused her of acting rude toward several crew members, often treating them like her own personal clean-up crew. Baxter also cited Rose’s unprofessional behavior, including her frequent lateness and failing to have her lines memorized.

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