Ultron Wins In What If…? Episode 8 Teaser Trailer

In the MCU, Ultron only had a single appearance on the big screen. However, he’s already making a major impact in What If…?. Last week, Party Thor came face-to-face with Ultron and his army as they crossed over into his reality. However, before the big battle can begin, viewers will discover how Ultron won.

Disney+ has released a new What If…? teaser trailer for episode 8 that builds on Avengers: Age of Ultron. One of the big changes here is that Ultron successfully downloaded himself into Vision’s body. Additionally, Ultron has somehow gathered all six of the Infinity Stones.

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Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that the woman with Cap’s shield is not Captain Carter. Instead, it’s Black Widow, and she’s fighting alongside Hawkeye during the end of their world. This suggests that two of the Avengers without powers may have outlived their teammates. But probably not for long, once Ultron becomes a cosmic god.

The eighth episode of What If…? will debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

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