Thor and Jane Party Hard in What If…? Episode 7 Preview

Fans have seen the fat version of the Northern god, but what about party animal Thor? It seems that the next installment in the What If…? animated series will show Odin’s son having some fun while partying with his love interest, Jane. The story will engage how Thor would behave if he were an only child. According to the producers, if Loki had never joined Asgard, the god of thunder would have had so much more fun in his life.

“I love the Thor-Jane relationship and we wanted to play around with that part of the love story without the framework of tragedy,” What If…? head writer AC Bradley said while talking to EW (where you can watch a clip from the next episode). “The story took root from a love of ’80s and ’90s rom-coms and party films. After so many serious episodes, what’s the most fun we could possibly have? And the answer to that is: Let Thor throw a party.”

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But apparently, Loki was essential for Thor to become wiser and the superhero we all learned to love. When you take the god of mischief out of the equation, the scenario features just a prince of Asgard less wise and focused on his task to save the universe.

“So in the MCU, Thor grew up with Loki, literally the god of mischief, always running into trouble so Thor became the good prince, the good son,” Bradley added. “Without his brother dragging him into trouble Thor had to find it on his own and so he grew up a bit differently — still our lovable hero, but his interests are less about becoming king of Asgard, and more about becoming perhaps the party prince.”

What If…? returns on Disney+ on Wednesday, Sept. 22. In the meantime, you can check a freshly released poster here below.

What do you expect from party animal Thor in What If…? episode 7? Let us know in the comments section below.

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