Kate Mulgrew Discusses Her Star Trek: Prodigy Return as Kathryn Janeway

Kate Mulgrew Discusses Her Star Trek: Prodigy Return as Janeway

Star Trek: Prodigy is mainly geared toward younger viewers. Regardless, the upcoming animated series notably features Mulgrew reprising her Star Trek: Voyager role as Kathryn Janeway. And during Prodigy’s TCA panel held earlier today (via Deadline), Mulgrew revealed why she’s excited to be part of the show.

When Voyager premiered in 1995, Mulgrew broke barriers as the first female Starfleet captain to headline a Star Trek series. She also played Janeway in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, in a cameo role. Mulgrew has had no shortage of roles since then. However, Mulgrew says that she has always held a special place in her heart for Janeway.

“I am delighted to be back playing her, I love her,” said Mulgrew. “When a character defines a part of your life, you are in turn deeply grateful, which I am. She has never left me. And I am thrilled to be back and to be introducing this to children.”

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Prodigy holds the distinction of being the first Trek series to feature a main cast made up entirely of non-human characters. The show follows a group of teenage aliens who commandeer a decommissioned Starfleet vessel and explore the stars. And according to executive producer Alex Kurtzman, the characters’ youth perfectly lends itself to the franchise’s larger themes.

Star Trek is about so many things that are formative,” said Kurtzman. “The idea that our best selves will emerge in the future, the idea that our better angels will lead us to an optimistic place where all the things that divide us now are gone, in the rear-view mirror. What I love so much about Star Trek is that each generation that finds it keeps finding that message again and again.”

Star Trek: Prodigy will air on Paramount+ sometime this fall.

Are you looking forward to Mulgrew’s return? Do you want to see more Voyager characters on the show? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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