Brandon Routh Will Star In the Magic: The Gathering Animated Series

Brandon Routh Will Star In Magic: The Gathering Animated Series

Last week, Anthony and Joe Russo pulled out of Netflix’s ambitious plans for Magic: The Gathering. However, the animated series appears to be taking a major step forward. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Brandon Routh has signed on to headline the voice cast.

Routh will portray Gideon, “an unfalteringly heroic Planeswalker in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse.” The animated series will introduce new characters alongside established Planeswalkers in an original story.

Among genre fans, Routh is perhaps best known for playing Clark Kent/Superman in Superman Returns. Routh also reprised his role as Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Additionally, Routh played Ray Palmer/The Atom for several seasons on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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Although the Russos are out, the scripts for the first season have already been written. Jeff Klein (Transformers: Prime) has also been tapped to take over the series. Star Wars: The Clone Wars veteran Steve Meleching is also on board as a co-executive producer and story editor.

Additionally, Wizards of the Coast announced that Django Wexler is writing a prequel novel that leads into the new series. The book will feature Planeswalkers Gideon Jura and Jace Beleren as they “right wrongs across the multiverse.”

Netflix will debut the animated series in late 2022 alongside the tie-in prequel novel.

Are you happy to hear that Brandon Routh has joined Magic: The Gathering‘s cast? Who would you cast as Jace Beleren on the show? Let us know in the comment section below!

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