First What If…? Drafts Involved Steve Rogers as a Villain

We got really, really close to seeing how Steve Rogers would fare as a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With only a few hours left before the official release of the What If…? animated series, it appears that the show involved the most famous super soldier playing the bad guy in its early stages. However, the project took a different direction, as What If…? director Bryan Andrews explained in a recent interview with EW.

“Way early on we were kicking around all these different ideas, just weird stuff,” he said.

As much as that storyline felt intriguing, the producers opted for a different path. Head writer Ashley C. Bradley then pitched the scenario where Peggy Carter takes the super soldier serum and becomes Captain Carter, and it felt like the right idea to develop.

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Agent Carter had a pivotal role in the MCU development. However, it seems that she will reach her full potential in the upcoming show. Fans will have to wait for the first episode of the forthcoming Disney+ animated series to see it.

“She’s such a powerhouse of a woman,” Bradley said. “With Captain Carter, it was our way of taking one of the most popular and known moments in the MCU, which is The First Avenger, the rise of Steve Rogers and Captain America, and really going for the heart of the MCU and giving it a big twist, and also making a statement of ‘This is going to be a female-led adventure, and we’re going to see how this would ripple across history.’ It’s a fun, swashbuckling story.”

What If…? will premiere on Disney+ next Wednesday, Aug. 11. New episodes will follow each Wednesday.

Would you have liked to see Steve Rogers playing the bad guy in What If…? Let us know in the comments section below.

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