Vought’s Seven on 7 Reveals The Boys’ Updated Version of Drummer Boy

Vought International just dropped the second edition of Seven on 7, their completely fair and balanced news segment on their own superheroes, or Supes. Nothing dishonest or exaggerated here, no sir. While the world waits for the as-yet-undated third season of The Boys, these segments fill viewers in on what’s happening in that world in the meantime. But like everything Vought says, it ought to be regarded with a  healthy dose of skepticism. For fans of the comic, however, today brings an interesting scoop. Drummer Boy will soon debut on the show, but under a brand new name: Supersonic.

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Drummer Boy previously engaged in a chaste relationship with Starlight during their stint as Christian teen heroes in the Vought-affiliated Young Americans. The relationship ended when she caught him doing not-so-chaste things with a different group member. While the TV show changes plot points around sometimes, Seven on 7 strongly implies a similar background here. Only now it seems Drummer Boy went to rehab. And emerged as the newly clean and sober Supersonic. Or so it seems. Supes who proclaim clean lifestyles seldom actually have them. Also, the commercial for their in-house rehab program doesn’t exactly fill the viewer with confidence.

Watch it below:

Other news stories include The Deep leaving his religious cult, and an attempt at creating possibly the worst border wall ever. And what’s the deal with Starlight’s “exhaustion”?

What else did you notice in the latest Seven on 7? Let us know in comments!

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