Loki VFX Supervisor Talks Felix the Cat Inspiration for Miss Minutes

The third time is the charm, as the saying goes, and the third series by Marvel was charming indeed indeed. Shortly after its debut on Disney+, it became pretty clear that Loki was a game-changer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series introduced the multiverse alongside a plethora of exciting characters, including Miss Minutes. The Time Variance Authority’s mascot voiced by Tara Strong had an eventful storyline that stored several surprises. And Luma VFX supervisor Jared Simeth believes his team did its part in building it.

“As you learn more about the TVA, we see her not just as this mascot, especially toward the end of the series when we understand that she knows more about this than we do and she has an agenda of her own,” he said while talking with Variety. “When she becomes more sinister than we initially think, she starts getting a bit more naturalistic, a little bit more dramatic. Instead of having everything be keyframed, we actually did some motion capture to get a little bit more nuance into the role, which is not normal for cartoon characters.”

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The VFX team drew inspiration from Felix the Cat at first. However, as the story grew large, they added some other sources.

“Early on, Felix the Cat was the style for both the animation of Miss Minutes and the visual style of the propaganda piece. But that was deemed a little bit too kind of kid-sy, so we started looking into something more grown-up, like Jonny Quest and Hanna-Barbera cartoons.”

All six episodes of Loki’s first season are now streaming on Disney+.

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