Q Returns In New Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Teaser Trailer

In the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the nearly omnipotent being known as Q (John de Lancie) warned Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) that humanity’s trial “never ends.” Nearly three decades after their last meeting, Q returns in Star Trek: Picard season 2. And in honor of the annual Picard Day, Paramount+ has dropped the first teaser trailer for season 2.

Within the trailer, Picard wakes up in a timeline that’s not his own. Additionally, his friends, Cristobal “Chris” Rios (Santiago Cabrera) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), also find themselves in greatly different circumstances. For Rios, he’s seemingly back in Starfleet. However, Seven’s changes are more profound. She’s simply Annika Hansen again, because she was never a Borg in this timeline.

Soji Asha (Isa Briones) and Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) are also briefly glimpsed. But it’s not clear how their personal histories has been changed.

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Q is either responsible for the timeline change or he’s testing Picard to see if he can undo it. It’s all a game to Q, even though he seems genuinely happy to see Picard again. But the feeling is definitely not mutual.

Star Trek: Picard season 2 will premiere in 2022 on Paramount+. In the meantime, Paramount+ has also released a new poster for the upcoming season.

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