Director Kate Herron Reveals How Loki’s Opening Scene Came Together

After much anticipation, the Loki series finally debuted on Disney+ yesterday. The third TV series by Marvel Studios opens with a different take on a familiar scene: Loki’s escape from Avengers: Endgame. But it’s not just a footage re-use. Director Kate Herron used an old cinematic trick called the Rashomon effect (from Akira Kurosawa’s classic movie) to put that scene together. The same event was recounted from a different perspective, since the focus shifted to a different protagonist.

“So basically, there are some new shots that we filmed,” Herron said while talking with The Hollywood Reporter. “So with the Endgame moment, we deliberately used footage, takes and angles that hadn’t been in that film, mixed in with the structure of the scene that people recognize. We wanted to put it more into Loki’s POV, so I filmed the shot in the elevator where he waves. I almost think of it a bit like Rashomon; it’s a scene we’ve seen before, but now we’re putting it through a different lens. So we did film some of it, as it’s a mixture of both [new and old footage].”

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Loki will debut its next episode on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 16. New episodes will follow every Wednesday as the titular antihero deals with the Time Variance Agency.

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