Invincible Episode 5 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Invincible episode 5!

Mark Grayson may call himself Invincible, yet he’s anything but his namesake. He may not be killable, but Mark can definitely be seriously hurt! Amazon Prime has premiered the fifth episode of Invincible, and we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

A criminal and family man called Titan finishes his tasks for Machine Head, a crime boss who literally has a machine for a head. However, Machine Head won’t let Titan escape from his grasp. Meanwhile, Mark’s career as Invincible is wrecking havoc on his personal life. His grades are down, and he’s in the dog house with Amber after constantly being late. Mark really wants to tell Amber that he’s Invincible. Instead, he promises to do better.  Titan’s daughter spots Invincible flying in the city, and her father gets inspired to contact the young hero.

Mark is incredulous when Titan asks him to help bring Machine Head down. Regardless, Mark is moved when he learns about Machine Head’s wife and daughter. Back home, Debbie discovers Darkblood’s notebook in her closet and keeps it from her husband, Nolan/Omni-Man. She is also horrified when Nolan tells Mark that he would be making a big mistake by getting involved with Titan.

Elsewhere, the surviving Mauler Twin successfully clones a new sibling/double. Robot approaches the Maulers in their lair for their cloning expertise, and promises to make it worth their while. He also provides them with the DNA he stole from Rex Splode. Meanwhile, Debbie sends Nolan on a few trips around the world to confirm Darkblood’s theories. She finds Nolan’s Omni-Man costume, which has the DNA evidence he was trying to hide.

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Amber gives Mark an ultimatum to join her for a volunteer shift at a soup kitchen. She also ropes Eve into coming, when the young heroine admits that she has nothing better to do. However, Mark is unable to come when he and Titan are blindsided by Machine Head. Several villains, including Thokk, the Battle Beast, beat Mark within an inch of his life. When the new Guardians arrive to help, Black Samson and Monster Girl are also seriously wounded. The new Guardians rally, but only emerge successful when Thokk leaves in disgust.

Eve is notified after Mark and her former teammates are hospitalized, but she reassures Amber that Mark loves her. Afterwards, Titan is revealed as the new crime boss. He simply used Mark to get Machine Head out of the way. Some time later, the Global Dense Agency experiments on Mark’s blood while trying to find a way to kill Invincible and Omni-Man…if they can.

Invincible‘s first five episodes are on Amazon Prime. The sixth episode will debut on Friday, April 16.

We still want to hear what you think. So make sure to leave your reviews and theories for Invincible in the comment section below!

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