The Walking Dead’s Final Season Premiere Date Revealed in New Teaser

Having just wrapped up the current season (on the east coast, at least, as of this writing), The Walking Dead has unveiled the date that season 11 will begin. This will mark the final season for the main Walking Dead series, though of course there’s a Carol and Daryl series coming after that. And the long-discussed Rick Grimes movie. And undoubtedly more.

In a brief clip filled with ominous empty images, we hear what sounds like Eugene being interrogated. Asked the same questions as Princess two episodes ago, he’s a lot less quick to anger. However, there’s a significant undercurrent of menace to the whole thing. Rick’s three questions were so much simpler. Check it out in the player below.

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And there it is. August 22. That’s not so terribly long for a hiatus; a result of COVID extending season 10 with single-character spotlight episodes. In season 11, we can expect Negan and Maggie to finally have a reckoning, and the Reapers to emerge as the big threat. With all the spinoffs planned, it’s hard to imagine things ending in a neat, tidy bow. The comics ended with the death of Rick Grimes and a flash-forward to the life of adult Carl Grimes. Safe to say, the show cannot and will not go that direction at this point.

What do you hope for from the final season of The Walking Dead? Let us know in comments.

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