Invincible Episode 4 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Invincible episode 4!

Mark Grayson has only been a superhero for a few weeks, but there’s still a lot he has to learn in Invincible. At this point, Mark doesn’t even realize that his father, Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, is a killer. But the demon detective, Damien Darkblood, knows…and that information is going to cost him.  Amazon Prime has premiered the fourth episode of Invincible, and we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

Global Defense Agency director Cecil Stedman also suspects that Nolan killed the Guardians of the Globe. However, Cecil’s ruse to get Nolan to accompany a mission to Maras fails when Omni-Man refuses to go. Instead, Mark offers to go in his father’s place. But first, Mark goes on a date with Amber and tries to figure out how to explain his extended absence. Eventually, he comes up with a cover story about volunteering in a foreign country.

Meanwhile, Nolan confronts Darkblood in his office and berates him for invading his home. Nolan also challenges Darkblood to accuse him of murder, secure in the knowledge that no one would believe the demon. Additionally, Darkblood’s previous visit made Debbie question her husband. To win back his wife’s trust, Nolan invites Debbie on an impromptu vacation.

On Mars, Mark bungles the mission by allowing the four astronauts to be kidnapped. Regardless, he soon finds the Martian compound and speaks with the Martian Emperor. The Emperor explains that the astronauts are going to be executed to prevent them from being possessed by the Sequid parasites. Mark and the Martians are immune, but humans aren’t. And if the Sequids take a human host, then they can overwhelm Mars and eventually Earth.

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Regardless, Mark frees the astronauts and helps them flee the planet. Unfortunately, one of the astronauts has been replaced by a shape shifter. The real astronaut, back on Mars, reveals that he is possessed by the Sequids. The Martians are quickly overcome by a wave of Sequids at his command. Back on Earth, Nolan admits to Debbie that Cecil suspects that he killed the Guardians, but he convinces her of his innocence.

However, Darkblood is less fortunate. Cecil catches Darkblood investigating Nolan’s house and has him escorted to a GDA facility. Darkblood also learns that Nolan framed him for killing the Guardians. Cecil knows it’s a lie, but he doesn’t care. He needs time to figure out why Nolan murdered the Guardians and how to stop him. So he has Darkblood exorcised from this realm and sent back to Hell. Shortly thereafter, Mark returns to Earth and reunites with Amber. Nolan also tells Debbie that Cecil apologized for suspecting him…without realizing that Darkblood hid his notebook in Debbie’s closet.

Meanwhile, Robot’s motivations came into focus. He stole a sample of Rex Splode’s DNA and monitored the surviving Mauler Twin to witness his cloning process. In the final scene, Robot visited his real body and produced Rex’s DNA before moving on to the next phase of his plan.

Invincible‘s first four episodes are on Amazon Prime. The fifth episode will debut on Friday, April 9.

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