Christopher Eccleston Explains His Audio Return to Doctor Who

2021 will see the return of Christopher Eccleston to Doctor Who. Eccleston will resume his role as the ninth incarnation of the Doctor in the upcoming Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures audio series. Even though his first run as the Time Lord went down sixteen years ago and lasted only a single season, Eccleston is still arguably one of the most fan-favorite actors to have played the role as his stint coincided with the relaunch with the sci-fi series on the BBC. While talking with io9, Eccleston reiterated his love for the role and stated that he has to work for a living.

“First of all, I know it’s not a fashionable thing to do because we’re all English, we don’t talk about these things, but I’m an actor and the way I pay my mortgage and support my children, Albert and Esme, is by acting. So, it’s paid work. First and foremost. It’s what I do my job for. Secondly, as I’ve always said, I have a great love for the character. I’ve always said that. And the quality of the scripts.”

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He then added that he loves audio drama, explaining that his credits include audiobooks as well.

“I do audio books, and I get great creative satisfaction from that,” he said. “Again, it’s because I’ve always been passionate about writing and writers,” Eccleston said of his choice to return for audio—and explicitly not on TV. “There are no visuals, you know? All you have is the word and your voice. And I felt I could do something with a character that I’ve played in a visual format. I felt I could do something, and explore it, technically, in a vocal sense, as well.”

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures will debut its first installment, Ravagers, in May 2021.

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