Audiences React To a Jaw-Dropping Invincible Scene in a New Video

It looks like Invincible is gunning for The Boys’ top spot as the bloodiest show on Amazon Prime. Early trailers for the animated take on Robert Kirkman’s hit comic book series have guaranteed that the show won’t be skipping out on the violent imagery of its source material. In other words, it’s not for the faint of heart, and Amazon has released a new teaser for Invincible to drive this point home. But instead of showcasing footage from the series, it shows real-life fans reviewing a particularly gruesome scene from the show.

We can’t see what they’re watching. But judging by the reactions, it sounds as though someone is having their body contorted in a very uncomfortable way. None of the fans could hide their shock, with one actually vowing to rethink his life after finishing the clip. Fortunately, the grisly tone of the series isn’t going to keep them from watching future episodes. Another fan went so far as to praise the show as the “exact opposite” of typical superhero fare.

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The montage also features an appearance by Jason Mantzoukas, who provides the voice of Rex Splode on the series. And although he was part of Invincible’s voice cast, even he wasn’t ready for the carnage that unfolded before him. Whatever it was, it led him to admonish Kirkman as a “sick f***.”

So far, the buzz surrounding Invincible has been largely positive, with critics singling out the animation style as well as the vocal performances. Prime Video subscribers can make their own call when the series’ first three episodes premiere this Friday, March 26.

Are you looking forward to watching the scene for yourself this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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