Harley Quinn Voice Cast Begins Recording For Season 3

Last year, HBO Max finally got around to ordering another season of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn animated series. There wasn’t any word at the time about when the new episodes would actually premiere. But now we’re one step closer to Harley’s return becoming a reality. Showrunner Patrick Schumacker has revealed that the series’ voice actors have begun recording their lines for season 3. You can check out his announcement below.

Harley Quinn debuted its first season on DC Universe in late 2019, with the second season premiering the following April. Because the two seasons were released in such close proximity to each other, many fans feared that a potential third season would be a ways off, since the writers would presumably need some time to craft the new episodes’ scripts. However, Shumaker began teasing his ideas for season 3 on social media at least three months before HBO Max officially gave him the greenlight last September. So his team probably already had a good idea of where the story was headed.

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Season 2 of Harley Quinn memorably ended with Poison Ivy breaking off her engagement to Kite Man in favor of starting a new romance with Harley. We still don’t know how this will affect the rest of their crew, which includes Clayface and King Shark. But with Doctor Psycho still in Arkham Asylum after betraying the group, they may be in need of some fresh blood. Shumacker previously told ComicBook.com that the series’ producers would be looking for new voices to join the cast of season 3.

HBO Max still hasn’t set an air date for Harley Quinn season 3.

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