Wanda Channels Modern Family in WandaVision Episode 7 Clip

Marvel Studios has released a brand-new clip from the upcoming seventh episode of WandaVision. It’s a rare episode-specific teaser from a show that generally avoids any hint of spoilers. In the last episode, Scarlet Witch displayed both how powerful she has become — even though she doesn’t recall how it happened — and the limits of her newly-acquired powers. Episode 6 saw Vision discovering that there is something off with the people who live near the Hex’s limits before attempting to get out of the world created by his love interest. To keep Vision with her, Wanda expanded the barrier and turned most of the SWORD squad into carnies and clowns.

The recently released clip recalls the moment when Wanda lost it by paying homage to some fan-favorite sitcoms like Modern Family. The superpowered heroine had a lot on her plate recently, and she needs a break. You can watch the WandaVision Episode 7 clip in the player below.

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The clip briefly features Wanda wearing her classic costume once again as seen in the comics while she was in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The Marvel Cinematic Universe explanation is that she was donning the traditional costume of a Sokovian fortune teller. In Episode 6, both Vision and Quicksilver wore Halloween costumes that recall their comics’ style too.

The short video also features Billy and Tommy dealing with some ever-changing video games. Apparently, they possess the same powers as their parents, with Tommy showing off his super-speed while his twin displayed telepathy and telekinesis in the latest episode.

The first six episodes of WandaVision are already available on Disney+. The next one will premiere on Friday, Feb. 19.

What do you expect from WandaVision Episode 7? Let us know in the comments section below.

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