Superman & Lois Cast and Crew Discuss the Series’ ‘Grounded’ Approach

Obviously, Superman & Lois isn’t the first live-action Superman show (or even the first one to put emphasis on Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s relationship), so it immediately faces the difficult task of giving viewers something they’ve never seen before. Right off the bat, it looks like the producers managed to pull this off. Much of the series revolves around Clark and Lois struggling to balance their professional and personal lives. Which, of course,  now include two teenage sons. And this opens up plenty of opportunities to present the Man of Steel in a fresh light. During the show’s recent TCA panel (via Deadline), showrunner Todd Helbing and Lois actress Elizabeth Tulloch explained how Superman & Lois differs not only from previous versions of Superman, but from its contemporaries in the Arrowverse as well.

“We talked a lot about shows like Everwood and Friday Night Lights,”  said Helbing. “Whenever you do any of these shows, you want to make them slightly different. We just approached this as much as we could like a feature — from the aspect ratio to the cinematography to the look to the design of the house and farm. We are competing with shows on cable and streamers. [And] we wanted to be able to do that and offer audiences something of equal quality.”

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As trailers have shown us, the series hasn’t completely abandoned the action-y elements that come with your average superhero adventure. But according to Tulloch, the intimate family moments are what really drive the story forward.

“It was really grounded and really real,” said Tulloch. “Part of what I am hoping audiences respond to in our show is that this couple — even though she’s this dynamic journalist and even though he is Superman — are incredibly relatable and they are dealing with the same issues that normal people deal with.”

Superman & Lois will premiere with a special 90-minute episode on Tuesday, February 23 on The CW.

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