HBO Max’s Peacemaker Casts Nhut Le as Judomaster

Plot details surrounding James Gunn’s upcoming Peacemaker series on HBO Max have been scarce, but it sounds like the show is going to feature some extensive martial arts stuntwork. Deadline brings word that Gunn has recruited Nhut Le to join the series’ cast. Le will have a recurring role as Judomaster, a character from DC’s comic book universe.

Like Peacemaker, Judomaster originally made his first appearance in Charlton Comics in the mid-’60s. However, he eventually made his way over to the DC Universe. At least three different characters have used the Judomaster name throughout the last 60 years. The first, Rip Jagger, was an army sergeant during World War II. He was a member of the All-Star Squadron and occasionally fought alongside his sidekick, Tiger. In 1994, DC created a new Judomaster in the pages of Justice League Quarterly, though readers never learned his real name. More recently, a female Judomaster named Sonia Sato was introduced in 2007. She was a member of both the Birds of Prey and the Justice Society.

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Le is best known for his appearances on Comedy Central’s Kroll Show. And as luck would have it, he also happens to practice martial arts himself. So it’s a safe bet that he’ll do his own stunts on Peacemaker. You can check out a video of Le demonstrating his wushu skills here.

Peacemaker spins out of the events of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, which hits theaters and HBO Max in August. The show will take a deep dive into the backstory behind John Cena’s title character, who Cena has described as a “douchey Captain America.”

HBO Max still hasn’t set a premiere date for Peacemaker.

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