HBO Max Is Developing a Game of Thrones Animated Series

Surprising absolutely no one, HBO’s plans to flesh out its Game of Thrones universe are proving to be as vast as Westeros itself. Last week, reports surfaced that the network was working on a Tales of Dunk and Egg prequel set nearly 100 years before the flagship series. Now, plans have already begun for the next spinoff. Only this time, it’s an animated TV show for HBO Max.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, an animated series is “in the early stages of development” at WarnerMedia’s new streaming service. And when they say early, they mean it. The network is currently taking pitches from writers who could theoretically bring the show to life. No deals have been made as of yet. But as viable as the Game of Thrones brand is, there’s still a chance that the project never sees the light of day.

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Meanwhile, HBO is gearing up to start work on House of the Dragon, another prequel that traces that Targaryen family history. This will be the network’s first Game of Thrones spinoff to air following the original series’ conclusion in 2019. HBO previously lined up a different spinoff series with showrunner Jane Goldman that would have starred Naomi Watts. However, this project was cancelled after filming wrapped on the pilot episode. House of the Dragon will begin production later this year and debut sometime in 2022.

HBO is also still looking for writers to spearhead their potential Dunk and Egg series as well. Apparently, the network’s drama head, Francesca Orsi, is working directly with author George R.R. Martin to come up with new ideas for spinoffs.

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