WandaVision Episodes 1 and 2 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for WandaVision episodes 1 and 2!

Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 has kicked off with the release of WandaVision! Disney+ has premiered the first two episodes of the series, and we want to  know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about them! You can read our review for the first two WandaVision episodes here. You can find all of SHH’s WandaVision coverage here.

To be honest, there’s not a lot to spoil. The first episode drops Wanda and Vision into their new home in Westview without any explanation. Additionally, it’s somehow the ’50s and a black and white world. Neither Wanda nor Vision were able to recall many details about their past lives. They also found themselves wrapped up in a sitcom trope when Vision’s boss, Mr. Hart, and his wife, came over or dinner. Hart nearly choked to death while interrogating the couple over their meal. However, Wanda finally had Vision intervene to save Hart’s life.

Somehow, an observer in the real MCU world was watching WandaVision from an unknown location.

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Episode 2 took its cues from Bewitched, as Wanda and Vision planned a magic act to fit in with the neighbors. Wanda also wanted to impress Dottie, the local queen bee of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Vision’s attempt to build camaraderie with the local men was complicated when a piece of gum interfered with his android body, making him act intoxicated. Wanda was forced to use her magic to cover for Vision and get through their magic show. Regardless. Dottie and the crowd thought it was a hilarious act.

There were some moments where reality broke through to Wanda. A voice over the radio asked Wanda who was doing this to her. Dottie even seemed to briefly forget who she was and cut herself with a glass that left a red bloodstain in this black and white world. Additionally, someone from outside the fantasy, dressed in a hazmat suit, came up from the sewers. But Wanda quickly rewound reality so that it never happened. Shortly thereafter, Wanda appeared to be pregnant and the world snapped back into color around them.

WandaVision‘s first two episodes are on Disney+. The third episode will debut on Friday, January 22.

We still want to know what you think. So make sure to leave your WandaVision reviews and theories in the comment section below!

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