The Powder Mage Trilogy Will Soon Become a TV Series

A new fantasy series is about to be produced. According to Deadline, Joseph Mallozzi will adapt Brian McClellan’s Powder Mage fantasy novels for television. The project will also involve Canadian production companies No Equal Entertainment and Frantic Films. The Powder Mage trilogy made its debut in 2013, and consists of the novels Promise of Blood, The Crimson Campaign, and The Autumn Republic. Roughly, the Powder Mage trilogy takes place in Adro, one of the Nine Kingdoms founded by Kresimir, the eldest god. The story initially follows a Field Marshal named Tamas who has just overthrown the monarchy and must do whatever it takes to retain power.

“I’m beyond excited to be working with J.B. Sugar and Frantic Films in bringing to life a series adaptation of Brian McClellan’s masterful tale of gunpowder and wizardry,” Mallozzi said.

Mallozzi’s credits include a number of shows in the Stargate Universe.

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The story centers on Powder Mages, unique individuals who can consume and control gunpowder. The plot also involves mythical gods fighting for power over the mortals.

“What struck me about talking with J.B. and Joe wasn’t just their professionalism, but their fandom,” author Brian McClellan said. “They love the books, and that’s the biggest compliment an author can get. I’m absolutely thrilled that such a talented group will work to adapt Powder Mage to TV. I’m a huge admirer of Joe’s work, and I can’t wait to see what he does to bring this series to life.”

The producers have yet to reveal an official debut date for the project. However, it might take a while before the pilot episode of the one-hour drama is ready.

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