It’s a No-Win Situation in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Finale Promo

The finale of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is upon us. After a thirteen-week run, the latest season of Discovery is ready to wrap up its main storylines. Season 3 saw the USS Discovery crew traveling through time and space to the 32nd century, where things are not quite right for Starfleet. A mysterious cataclysm known as the Burn has discombobulated the status quo of the Star Trek Universe. In the latest installments, Osyraa and the Emerald Chain took over the USS Discovery as part of its crew was on a mission to investigate the catastrophe’s origins. The bridge crew escaped thanks to the help of Book and Ryn, who end up captured in the process. When Osyraa noticed what happened, she killed Ryn on the bridge of the ship.

And now, CBS All Access has debuted a brand new promo for the upcoming thirteenth episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. It appears that the fight is far from being over, but some immediate action has to be taken. Burnham and the others will have to fight to the last person against the Emerald Chain.

You can watch the Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 finale promo in the player below.

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Olatunde Osunsanmi directed the episode written by Michelle Paradise. CBS All Access has yet to reveal an official synopsis for the episode.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 finale will air on CBS All Access on Jan. 17.

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