Lyra Must Be Protected in His Dark Materials Episode 2.06 Promo

With only two episodes left, His Dark Materials Season 2 has almost reached its climax. The latest installment saw Lyra break into Lord Boreal’s house together with Will. The young protagonists were on a mission to retrieve the alethiometer. Once there, they met Mrs. Coulter, who attempted to convince Lyra to go back with her. But the negotiations didn’t go as Mrs. Coulter hoped, and the result was a clash between Pan and Coulter’s daemon. Taking advantage of the confusion, Will and Lyra took the alethiometer and escaped to Cittàgazze thanks to the Subtle Knife.

HBO has now released a brand new promo for the upcoming sixth episode of His Dark Materials Season 2. The next episode will be the last one before the Season 2 finale. Initially, the streaming service planned a standalone installment focused on the adventures of James McAvoy’s Lord Asriel in addition to the seven “regular” episodes. However, the COVID-19 outbreak forced the show to cut that episode from the Season 2 order.

You can watch the official His Dark Materials Episode 2.06 promo in the player below.

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Jamie Childs directed the episode written by Jack Thorne and Lydia Adetunji. The official synopsis of “Malice” reads:

“Lyra and Will find allies who can help them in their search for Will’s father. The Magisterium learn something shocking, and Mrs Coulter meets a formidable foe.”

His Dark Materials Episode 2.06 will air on HBO and HBO Max on Dec. 21.

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