Emilia Clarke Improvised a Valyrian Monologue in Game of Thrones

It appears that Emilia Clarke stepped so much into the shoes of Daenerys Targaryen that she was able to improvise in Valyrian, one of the many fictional languages across Westeros, Essos, and the Free Cities. In the latest revelation, via an outtake from the behind-the-scenes book Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, director Jeremy Podeswa revealed that the British actress improvised a whole monologue in Valyrian to give more authenticity to the scene. The episode took place during Game of Thrones Season 5 when Daenerys confronted some of the noblemen from Meereen.

“There’s usually a lot of preparation for that sort of thing and so much consideration that goes into it and she had quite a big monologue before she sets the guy on fire,” Podeswa said (via EW). “I went over to Emilia and I was like, ‘I know this is a really big ask, but do you think you could figure out a way to do this in Valyrian?’ She said, ‘Yeah, sure, I think I can do this.’ And I’m all, “Really?” Then she went off and cobbled together things that [Daenerys] had said in the past that made sense. She came back in 10 minutes and had this whole monologue down.”

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The scene the director is referring to took place during the fifth episode of Season 5. Daenerys is pretty mad at some of the Meereenese noblemen and decides to feed one of them to Viserion and Rhaegal, her dragons. As for the others, she spares their lives by imprisoning them. You can watch the scene in the player below.

What do you think about that scene? Did you perceive that it was improvised? Let us know in the comments section below.

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