Anthony Daniels Is Campaigning to Appear in The Mandalorian

For most of the saga’s lifespan, there’s been no Star Wars without C-3PO and Anthony Daniels. But the legendary actor has yet to appear in the popular The Mandalorian series. In a recent interview with SYFY, the actor took his chance to launch his campaign to appear in the ongoing Disney+ series, since no one has reached out to him as yet.

“I am waiting for the call,” Daniels said. “So far my phone has been silent. Dave Filoni, are you listening? To be fair, Threepio has to be in the right time zone, he’s too big a character to leave in the back somewhere… and The Mandalorian is superb. The production values are just amazing. Quite rightly it’s garnered huge audiences…

“I think it just does lack a certain spark or a certain glint there,” he added. “And Threepio, Dave Filoni, could provide that. You have my number, call me.”

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While C-3PO has not made any physical appearance in the show, it has arguably referenced the fan-favorite android more than once. In the sophomore season, C-3PO’s face pops up in some graffiti on the walls right outside the hideout of the gangster Gor Koresh. In the same episode, Mando succeeded in killing a Krayt dragon that was terrorizing the people of Mos Pelgo on Tatooine. The massive carcass left after the Tusken Raiders drew the meat from it looks very much like the other Krayt dragon skeleton which C-3PO walked past in A New Hope.

The next episode of The Mandalorian Season 2 will debut on Disney+ on Nov. 20.

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