The Family Is Growing Larger in The Boys Episode 2.07 Promo

There are only a couple of episodes left before the finale of The Boys Season 2. And now, Amazon Prime has dropped a brand new promo for the upcoming seventh episode of the sophomore season. After escaping from Vought’s asylum, Butcher and the others convinced a new member to join the team to fight against The Seven.

But it seems like the next episode will focus on the super power-couple of Stormfront and Homelander. The leader of The Seven has decided that it’s time for his new girlfriend to meet his son, Ryan. Now that Homelander pushed Ryan into using his powers, it seems that the father is seeing his child with different eyes. Together with Stormfront and his son, he is looking to create a new superpowered family who can rule over the world.

You can watch The Boys Episode 2.07 promo in the player below. As always, be aware of the extremely NSFW language in them.

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The upcoming episode is called “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker,” a reference to The Boys #10. Craig Rosenberg wrote the episode. Amazon Prime has yet to reveal the official synopsis, but the comic delved into Billy Butcher’s past. In the meantime, the streaming network has announced that a spin-off for the series is already in development.

The Boys Episode 2.07 will be available on Amazon Prime starting Oct. 2. Unlike the first season, Amazon dropped the first three episodes and then will broadcast the remaining five installments week-to-week.

What do you think about the latest promo for the series? What do you expect from the Season 2 finale? Let us know in the comments section below.

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