New Supes Debut in The Boys Episode 2.06 Promo

With only three episodes to go in the sophomore season, things are getting more intense than ever in Amazon Prime’s The Boys. The streaming service has just released a couple of promos for the upcoming sixth episode of the sophomore season. Well, it seems that Hughie has revealed the location of The Boys’ hideout to his love-interest, Starlight. As expected, Butcher doesn’t look like to be thrilled by the visit of the Supe. At the same time, Starlight seems to have a lead on where Stormfront is. After the latter hooked up with Homelander, the new super power-couple could get rid of pretty much anyone who gets in their way with ease.

You can watch The Boys Episode 2.06 promos in the player below. As always, be aware of the extremely NSFW language in them.

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The promo also features Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, and Kimiko heading into some medical facility where they believe Vought is treating the Supe terrorists with the Compound V. In a sort of The New Mutants-horror like atmosphere, the squad realizes that their mission might be more dangerous than they expected. The facility looks filled with bad-intentioned, super-juiced-to-the-gills Supes.

The Boys Episode 2.06 will be available on Amazon Prime starting Sept. 25. Unlike the first season, Amazon dropped the first three episodes and then broadcast the remaining five installments week-to-week.

What do you think about the latest promos for the series? And what do you think about the series so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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