Kevin Conroy Reflects on His Appearance In Crisis on Infinite Earths

To a generation of fans, Kevin Conroy is the definitive voice of Batman. After starring in Batman: The Animated Series and several subsequent animated shows and video games, Conroy got his first chance to portray Bruce Wayne in live-action during The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. However, fan expectations were dashed when Conroy’s scenes were limited to a single episode of Batwoman. Additionally, Conroy’s older Bruce was far more malevolent than any of his previous incarnations of Batman.

Via Heroic Hollywood, Conroy acknowledged the backlash to his Crisis role during an appearance on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum. Regardless, Conroy was satisfied by the experience.

“The fans were not happy about that,” said Conroy. “They didn’t like seeing that version of Bruce Wayne. But for me it was fun, it was a lot of fun to sort of stretch my acting chops a little bit. They didn’t tell me anything about the Batman. They just said he was the Batman in the future, an old Bruce Wayne. I said, ‘You mean like in Batman Beyond old Bruce Wayne?’ They said, ‘No, he’s not 80. But he’s older and he’s in bad shape.’ They’re so guarded with their scripts, the studios, they don’t give them out. So they didn’t give me anything. I got the script basically when I was about to get on a plane to fly to Vancouver to do the show, I hadn’t seen anything. I said yes because I was so excited to do something on camera again [after] 25 years.”

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“I was in this suit of armor that was an external spine because his back had been broken by Superman.” added Conroy. “And I didn’t know that was going to happen. So it was full of surprises. I didn’t know I was going to try and kill Supergirl. He was dark. He was dark. The producer was great, the cast, Ruby Rose, everybody was fantastic, wonderful to work with. But they do like a movie a week. It’s a massive undertaking.”

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