Peter Shinkoda Accuses Daredevil Producer Jeph Loeb of Making Racist Statement

At this weekend’s virtual Save Daredevil Con, three of the show’s supporting actors; Peter Shinkoda, Geoffrey Cantor, and Tommy Walker reunited to talk about the series. At one point in the panel, Shinkoda made serious accusations about former Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb. He also indicated that Loeb made a racist anti-Asian statement while shooting down a storyline for Shinkoda’s character, Nobu.

“Jeph Loeb told the writers room not to write for Nobu and Gao,” recalled Shinkoda. “He said, ‘Nobody cares about Chinese people and Asian people. There were three previous Marvel movies, a trilogy called Blade that was made where Wesley Snipes killed 200 Asians each movie. Nobody gives a s*** so don’t write about Nobu and Gao.’ And they were forced to put their storyline down and drop it.”

According to Shinkoda, the showrunners and writers were very apologetic to him over the situation. Shinkoda also shared some details about Nobu’s abandoned story.

“It was a very interesting storyline about Nobu about having to go [to the United States] under the guise of getting some kind of transplant for medical reasons,” said Shinkoda. “A lot of paperwork and bureaucracy was fudged so that Nobu can get into the country. And then carry out his Black Sky plans.”

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Shinkoda recurred as Nobu Yoshioka during the first season of Daredevil. Regardless of his apparent death in season 1, Shinkoda reprised his role as Nobu for Daredevil season 2. Shinkoda made his final appearance as Nobu in the season 2 finale. Additionally, he didn’t return for The Defenders.

Loeb was with Marvel TV for the better part of a decade, while it was a separate entity from Marvel Studios. However, Loeb left Marvel last year when Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios absorbed Marvel TV.

Netflix cancelled Daredevil after three seasons in 2018. It’s currently unclear if Marvel Studios has any plans for the character.

What do you think about Loeb’s alleged statement? Should Daredevil have explored Nobu’s backstory? Let us know in the comment section! You can also watch the full Save Daredevil Con panel below.

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