Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 11 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for this week’s episode of Harley Quinn!

Doctor Psycho and the Riddler have seized control of Gotham City in Harley Quinn. Poor Harley has also been nursing a broken heart over Poison Ivy’s rejection, while Clayface and King Shark have been mind controlled by Psycho. To save the day, Harley needs the Justice League. And the only way to get the heroes back is to restore the Joker’s memories. DC Universe has released Harley Quinn Season 2 episode 11, and we want to hear what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

In the aftermath of his acid bath, Joker’s true persona is restored. However, he still remembers his relationship with Bethany, the nurse who found him months ago. Harley also blackmails Joker to produce the Book of Fables in order to free the Justice League.  Unfortunately, Joker alienates Bethany and she tosses the book into the waiting arms of a parademon. Subsequently, Harley and Joker invade a parademon nest to recover the book. Along the way, Joker also realizes that he truly loves Bethany and her children.

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Meanwhile, Poison Ivy and Kite Man attempt to keep their wedding on track. However, the parademons finally push Ivy too far and she decides to confront Psycho. Unfortunately, Psycho immediately seizes control of Ivy’s mind. Back in the nest, Harley and Joker were saved by Batman. After explaining the situation to the Dark Knight, they realize that Bethany still has the real book. Joker then professes his love for Bethany, and she takes him back.

Shortly thereafter, Zatanna uses her magic to free Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern. As the Justice League departs to face Psycho, Joker urges Harley to face her feelings for Ivy. Immediately thereafter, Ivy shows up at Bethany’s front door…and she’s under orders to kill Harley.

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