Grant Gustin Hints at Big Sacrifices in the Next Flash Episode

After a five-week hiatus, The Flash will finally return to The CW tomorrow night with a new episode in tow. The last time we saw Barry Allen and his compatriots, he was plotting to create an artificial speed force using his daughter Nora’s journals to solve the issue of his waning powers. There was also the small matter of Barry’s wife, Iris, actually being an imposter in disguise. With this, the season’s final four episodes are poised to bring major revelations. And while speaking with TVLine, series star Grant Gustin teased their impact on the characters.

“Barry will have the Speed Gauge that Cisco and Caitlin developed to register how much energy he is using and make sure he is not wasting his speed,” Gustin explained. “But in the meantime this artificial Speed Force isn’t going to come together as quickly as we would like it to. And when they eventually do find a way to get it to work, it comes with a pretty big sacrifice for the team.”

Barry also must deal with Rag Doll (played by a returning Troy James), who last showed up in season 5. And apparently, his appearance will have big ramifications on the series moving forward.

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“The Rag Doll episode changes the dynamic of the team and the West-Allen family moving forward,” said Gustin. “They’re not just small challenges; they’re going to have lasting effects for the rest of the season. It’s not just a Villain Of The-Week type thing, it will affect the show moving forward for a while.”

Of course, Barry’s impending discovery that Iris is not herself has viewers on edge as well. Gustin couldn’t reveal exactly how his character finds out about her true nature. Regardless, he did offer a little tease of what’s to come.

“It’s a combination of things,” Gustin said. “It’s a little bit of the stuff she says, but more an emotional connection that’s lacking or not consistent with what they have always had. Barry has an epiphany moment where he shares all of his suspicions with Cecile, and the writers gave me a really fun scene for when it all lands, where I convey all these ideas about what I think is really going on. We had a lot of fun with it.”

The next episode of The Flash airs tomorrow night at on The CW at 8pm.

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